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Advanced Retirement Planning Software

I.C.E. Personal Estate Planning Platform

Automated Investment Account Management

Monthly Live Online Workshops with Q & A

How-to's, Courses and Discussion Forum on Popular Topics

Advice from a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

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Academy Monthly

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How We Compare

Feature / option

Typical 1% Advisor

Cost of retirement plan

Included in monthly fee


Cost of investment management

0.25%** (optional)

$3,000+ (on $300k portfolio)

Fee-only advice (no commissions)

✅ Yes


Fiduciary duty to client?

✅ Yes


I.C.E estate planning platform

✅ Yes

❌ Unlikely

Advance retirement planning software

✅ Yes


Monthly live webinars with Q & A

✅ Yes

❌ Unlikely

* Source: Kitces research survey 
** Additional ETF fees of 0.03-0.39% 

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