What is a Password Manager App?

What is a Password Manager App?

what is a password manager app

A password manager app is a secure database of all of your passwords. The data is encrypted so it's only available to the master password holder, which is you. It's like a digital safe where you store your online account passwords. Imagine writing all your username/password combinations down in secret code. And then putting those secret codes inside an ultra-secure bank vault. And only you have the super long combination to get into the bank vault.

How do you keep your online accounts safe from hackers?

Make all your online account passwords different. And also make them long and difficult. No more "passw0rd1" or the name of your pet.

Sound like a pain? It's simple to do if you use a password manager app.

My favorite password manager app is LastPass. I use it all the time to keep my online accounts safe and secure.

In this post you'll learn how to use LastPass to organize, update and protect your accounts so they are hacker-proof.

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How a Password Manager App Works

password manager app safe picture

To access the "bank vault" where your passwords are stored in code, you use a super-long, but easy to remember master password.

What do I mean by super long? My master password is over 40 characters.

You only need to remember your master password. Once you're logged in, the password manager app remembers all the other passwords.

When you're logged in with your master password, the program will recognize when you're on a login page and search the database for the correct username and password.

Create Secure Passwords Quickly

LastPass has a browser extension that I use frequently.

Any time I need to create a new secure password for an online account, I click Generate Secure Password.

password manager LastPass

You can then choose the difficulty and length you want in your new password.

The cool thing is that once you select the ultra-secure password, LastPass remembers it along with your username and what website you're on.

When you return to that website (and are logged in with your master password), LastPass will auto-fill your info.

That's very convenient when you have different long passwords for every online account. Which you should.

Update Your Passwords Easily

When you change the password on a site that LastPass recognizes, it will ask if you want to update the password in the secure database.

You can even have multiple accounts for the same online account, and LastPass will keep track and make it easy to switch.

Organize and Keep Track of Your Online Accounts

Another thing I love about password manager apps is you can organize and keep track of all your online accounts.

I'm almost certain you have login credentials for websites you never visit anymore. If you'r never going to use old accounts, you should close them or delete them.

​You can look in your LastPass "vault" to see a list of all the sites for which you have a login. You'll also see the last time you logged in.

This makes it easy to delete or close those accounts you no longer need.

You can organize your logins in folders. You may want "Banking", "Social Media" and "Business". Here are some of the folders I have in LastPass:

password manager app LastPass folders

When you have dozens (or hundreds) of online account logins, this organization will help a lot.

You can even make notes for each site so you remember what it's for. For example, you could make a note "This is the login for our business Instagram account. We post here twice a week."

How to Get Started With a Password Manager App Today

To be secure online, you must have long and difficult passwords. And every password should be unique.

Using a password manager app will make this easy.

Start by opening a free LassPass account. Then you will feel more confident in your online account security.

Don't make it easy for the hackers to ruin your life.

- Tommy Sikes

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