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In your 40's? Are you middle class? Welcome!

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Tommy Sikes is the founder of Wealthific

Hi, I'm Tommy. Can I send you something?

It's a list of my current investments (.PDF)

Are you stressed about retirement? Worried that you're not doing enough? ‚Äč

Some days it feels overwhelming.

There's so much to deal with. Your kids are growing. Your parents are getting older. And life seems to be passing you by.

You're not in your 20's anymore. It feels like time is running short. You can't afford to go down the wrong path.

You may be asking yourself:

Will I ever be able to retire?

Am I saving enough to retire before I'm too old? Can we afford to do the things I've dreamed about with my family?

How do I make things easier?

Is there a better way to organize and streamline our financial life? How do I make sure my family is taken care of?

Am I investing the right way?

Are my investments any good? Am I missing out on opportunities? What if there's another stock market crash?

I used to ask these questions too.

Then I discovered the simple yet profound framework the wealthy use to create incredible lives of money and freedom.

Now I help other people use this framework to fix their money and investing problems. So they can simplify their financial lives and have amazing experiences with their loved ones.

You just need to know the steps to make it happen...

You need a plan, a process and a professional Adviser to help you along the way. 

That's why I created Wealthific...

Wealthific is a personal finance membership for middle-aged, middle class people. My goal is to get your money and investing fixed. To help you build income and wealth so you move forward with confidence in your financial future. To help you become a person in control of their finances.

You'll get the knowledge, tools and support you need to get things done.

And a professional financial adviser to help you along the way.

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

- Henry David Thoreau

Our Process

Get Organized

Organize and streamline your accounts and investments. Get a clear view of where you stand financially.

Build Wealth & Income

Use the Wealthific framework to build your income. Use that income to reduce debts and build assets.

Fully Experience Life

Use your assets and income to experience the world with your family. Make lasting memories.

Don't let overwhelm paralyze you. Take control of your money and finances.

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