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Tommy Sikes CFP® financial planner for middle class Americans

How Are We Different?

We Focus on the 80/20 of Wealth Building, Not the Meaningless Minutia

An Income You Own

You must control (some of) your income to control your financial future. Use your skills, assets and knowledge to make money. I'll help you get started with this.

Systems & Automation

Organize, track and automate your finances using technology and systems. Leverage your reach, income and impact using the internet and software.

Freedom > Money

Avoid the rat race by taking control of your work schedule and calendar. With hard work now, you can create a passive income with abundant free time.

These are the same things WE focus on every day

Tommy Sikes, CFP®

Who is Tommy Sikes?

And what does he know about personal finance and wealth building?

I started my independent financial planning business over 10 years ago. I'm a Certified Financial Planner™ and fiduciary advisor. That means I work only for my clients, not a bank, insurance company or Wall Street firm.

I've worked with all kinds of clients over that time. But one group always stood out: business owners.

Business owners seem to have more income, opportunities and free time. They're able to travel, promote causes they believe in, and give back to their communities. All while working on things that matter to them.

That's what I want for you. That's what I want for me too. Let's work on getting there together. 😀

Some things I believe in:

  • You must build an income you own, large or small
  • Technology is essential to track and automate your finances
  • Diversifying away from the stock market gives you more control
  • You should optimize for time freedom to live a great life
  • The internet connects the world and creates amazing opportunities
  • Travel refreshes the soul and binds us all together

If that sounds good, you should join us!

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

- Henry David Thoreau

What Most Financial Advisors Get Wrong About Building Wealth

Does this sound familiar?

  • Save 10% of your income
  • Increase your savings when you (hopefully) get your 3% raise
  • Have 3-6 months of expenses saved in case you get fired
  • Max out your 401k (if you have one and can afford it)

What's wrong with this advice?

It's built on an EMPLOYEE mindset. Where you count on someone else for your income. Where you have no control over your time. Where your only backup plan is to get another job.

That's not how meaningful wealth is built.

Most wealth comes from building or owning assets that pay income, then leveraging that income to buy or build more assets. 

Call it what you want: small business, side hustle, entrepreneurship. You just need to understand that this is where most wealth comes from.

Yes, you should put some of that wealth into the stock market for long-term growth. But you first need to build an income you own. It takes time, but is totally worth it.

Note: Most financial advisors make money not from investing in the stock market, but from running or working in a business. They make commissions on products they sell or charge fees for their time or advice. Then they tell you to put all your money in the stock market. And that starting a business is "too risky".

Ironic, I know. 🙄

In the Wealthific membership we focus on the 80/20 of building wealth. So you not only build the assets and income you need, but also have the time to enjoy them.

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