Create an Income You Own So You Can Build Meaningful Wealth

Download the $10k Wealth Blueprint to learn 5 simple ways to create a $500-$10,000 per month passive income (with examples).

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There is a critical piece missing from your financial life. It will make all the difference.

By Tommy Sikes, CFPĀ®

Here's the harsh reality about building meaningful wealth:

Most people will never get there. šŸ˜”


Because they are missing the most important piece of the wealth puzzle. Without this critical component, you'll never escape the soul-crushing 9 to 5 treadmill and live a life of meaning and freedom.

It's the thing that allows people to spend two months living abroad and never use a vacation day. With it, you can take a random Tuesday to volunteer in your kid's school.

Or be able to spend the final months at your dying parent's side without begging for time off, like I did. 

Let's just say this ingredient of wealth will completely change your life.

So what is this key to personal financial freedom? šŸ¤”

 ā†’ It's to have an income that you own and control ā†

Call it what you want: small business, side-hustle, entrepreneurship, self-employment, passive income. The name doesn't matter.

If you want to build meaningful wealth and have an impact on your family and the world, you need to create an income you own and control.

šŸ’° + šŸ“ˆ + šŸ’Ŗ + ā° = šŸ˜

It's really not complicated. You certainly don't need an MBA or other fancy schooling. In fact, fancy college degrees probably make it harder to be successful.

You just need some ideas, a simple process to get started and persistence.

To help you, I put together 5 passive income ideas you can get started on this week. It's in my $10k Wealth Blueprint and you can download it free.

Imagine the feeling of confidence and freedom you'll experience when you have an extra $500, $2,000 or $10,000 a month of income.

An income that you created, own and control.

Would that make an impact on your life? Of course it would.

Download the $10k Wealth Blueprint and get started creating your passive income this week.

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